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The education of a child is an awesome task performed in part by the parents and in part by the forces outside the home. From birth to young adulthood, the child will be the sum total of all the influences that are shaping his/her thoughts and actions. At Trinity Christian Academy, we believe that the Christian perspective is necessary for a successful and meaningful life.

It is our prayer and fervent desire that each child will have just the right combination of instruction from the home, church, school, and community to be a happy, productive citizen. We do not believe the Christian life can be lived in isolation, but we do believe each child should obtain their knowledge of the world from a Christian viewpoint.

As you visit this web site, you will learn about Trinity Christian Academy … our history, our staff, our mission, our academic, athletic, and fine arts programs, and the many ways families can partner with us to prepare their child for a successful Christian life.

You have an open invitation to come visit us and talk first hand with parents, students, and faculty about the opportunities provided by our Christian school. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please call or visit our office for a packet of information to begin the application process. We trust that this contact will begin a longstanding relationship between you and our TCA community.

mission & Values

Our Mission
TCA is a private non-denominational Christian school. Our purpose is to provide students with a comprehensive, college preparatory education that prepares them for a successful Christian life. Trinity Christian Academy seeks to develop the whole child - academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically - through an educational format using both trained classroom instruction and parental involvement.

Our Vision

  • The founding of Trinity Christian Academy begin with a Board of Directors who had a vision to:
    Offer a Christian-based, academic program that provides students with a comprehensive, college-preparatory education preparing them for life;
  • provide a learning environment that encourages and requires parental involvement in their children's intellectual and spiritual development;
  • provide a safe educational setting;
  • provide a learning environment where disciplinary difficulties are the exception rather than the rule.

Statement of Faith
Simply stated, we believe in:

  • One God in three persons - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit;
  • One way of salvation - Jesus Christ, through His virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, and victorious resurrection, made it possible for man to be saved by faith;
  • One book - divinely inspired and protected, the Bible is God's written revelation to man; it is totally reliable and has no need of other documents to complete its message; and
  • One body - with many parts, the church.

These statements are based on fundamental Christian beliefs that we strongly support as the primary doctrine for teaching.

TCA does not promote or endorse any particular denomination. It is our desire to maintain this position for the purpose of unity and fairness to each student.

Other doctrinal issues upon which this ministry has no official stance will be considered secondary doctrine and will not be taught. In the event secondary doctrine is brought up, students will be referred back to the family and church for final authority.

We desire to remain united in the salvation and love of Christ, avoiding any dissention, which may be caused by denominational distinctions.

Trinity Christian Academy is a member of the Texas Christian Athletic League (TCAL), the Texas Private School Association (TPSA), TEPSAC – Texas Private School Accreditation Commission and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).


Our Educational Philosophy
Trinity Christian Academy's educational philosophy is based on three principle components:

  • A Biblical foundation
  • Rigorous instruction and discipline
  • Emphasis on the parent's role

A Biblical Foundation
The Bible, inspired Word of God, is the foundation and guide for all knowledge.  Because God created, sustains, and will complete all things through His Son Jesus Christ, the universe and all life have the purpose of glorifying Him.

This purpose is fundamental to every aspect of our goals and objectives, our teaching methods, our curriculum, and our operational policies.

All representatives of Trinity Christian Academy will strive to demonstrate and teach values, character, and Christ-likeness as well as academics.  Our staff is expected to be spiritually mature and intellectually challenging. 

Rigorous Academic Instruction and Discipline
We expect Trinity Christian Academy students to be prepared for pursuing any chosen profession through rigorous academic instruction and discipline and to be committed to a lifetime of learning and service to their families, their churches, and their communities through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  We recognize the worth of each student, and acknowledge the variability of learning capacity and mastery.  We are dedicated to helping students realize their full potential through effective placement and effective teaching techniques.

The Role of Parents
Parents are commanded to rear their children for God’s glory by bringing them up in training and discipline of the Lord.  Thus, the role of Trinity parents is to oversee the student’s academic progress by being fully aware of assignments and academic achievement.  Parents share a joint responsibility with the school for properly placing students, for helping them build character qualities and work ethic that lead to success, and for encouraging students to accept increasing responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Parents are the single most influential factor in a child’s academic performance, and in the emotional, social, and spiritual development of the child.  Our educational model depends upon direct, consistent parental involvement.  Solid family ties are not only the top factor in determining children’s academic success or failure, but also vital to their spiritual growth and maturation.

college Preparatory

TCA is a private non-denominational Christian school. Our purpose is to provide students with a comprehensive, college preparatory education that prepares them for a successful Christian life. Trinity Christian Academy seeks to develop the whole child–academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically–through an educational format using both trained classroom instruction and parental involvement. 

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Strategic plan

board of trustees

  • Michael Nesbit,President
  • Katie Wicks, Secretary
  • Jeff Nutt, Past President
  • Melissa Puckett
  • Pat Pilgrim
  • Drew Crawford
  • Jack Bradshaw
  • Aaron Welch
  • Lyn Salas

Staff Directory


Carey Malone


Julie Barnett

Assistant Director


Tena Segleski

Office Assistant


Sonja Carter


Cora Pyeatt


Linda Pitcock


Julie Green

Third Grade & Elementary Math


Kelly Cade

Fourth Grade & Elementary Social Studies


Michelle Easton

Fifth Grade & Elementary Science


Melissa Wickersham

Sixth Grade & Elementary Language Arts


Pam Norwood

Middle School


Heather Osborne

High School Dual Credit & Art


Cleonne Holmes Drake

Social Studies and Criminal Justice


Janie Logee

Music & Choir


Sharon Hindman

Language Arts, Spanish & Yearbook


Tamara Smallwood


Wendy Dougherty

Math & Leadership


Michael Rushing

Science, Math & Boys Basketball


Nancye Myer

Epic Thinking


Pam Fry


Macky Moree

Athletic Director, Girls Volleyball & Girls Basketball


Crystal Sessums

Physical Education


Marysol Olvera


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2192 FM 79, Paris, TX 75460
Office: 903-785-9557
Fax: 903-785-7372

Director Carey Malone
Assistant Director Julie Barnett
Office Assistant Tena Segleski

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